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Planet Tools Software Solutions

When Off-the-Shelf software doesn't fit, We custom build to your needs. Use our experience to get expert results. We work with all sizes of business, in various industries, to create efficient intelligent business tools and systems that promote increased productivity. Planet Tools works closely with clients to create applications for the unique specifications of each business.

Planet Tools takes a business-driven approach to develop intelligent business tools and systems that generate key business advantages. Our staff has a range of talents from master programmers, Industrial/Systems Management Engineers to MBA's with many years of business experience.

We deliver more than computer programming. Planet Tools provides critical thinking business specialists that focus on assisting your organization in achieving its business goals through the use of intelligent business tools and modern technology.


Planet Tools's IT business specialists help you analyze and define your software requirements. Documentation is prepared at high and low levels providing software developers a roadmap to build your application. The next step is.....


Our highly skilled programmers begin the actual coding of your custom application. Planet Tools programmers make your application ergonomically correct, convenient to use and pleasing to the eye. Functions are written, tested and integrated into the main application and tested again. When programming and thorough testing is completed training can begin.


An important part of implementing your custom software is training your personnel to use it effectively. Planet Tools offers training on or off site according to your needs. Another important step in the process is...

Change Managment

Change management really begins at the Design level. Giving the proper personnel an opportunity to assist in the design stage helps the company accept and look forward to the new system implementation. Planet Tools maintains contact with those key personnel during the design and development process in order to get feedback and suggestions as the application progresses toward implementation.


The big day arrives! It is time to transition to the new system. Planet Tools can be there every step of the way to help your operation effect a smooth transition.


Planet Tools believes in building relationships with its valued clients. We offer many types of support plans to suit your needs. We will be there for you now to support you with your current applications and in the future to produce new applications to gain or maintain that competitive edge successful business managers strive for.

Our solutions

Assist you to better manage, organize and measure your complete operation.
give you immediate access to the information essential for you to monitor your business.
help you keep up-to-date with competitive analyses.
give you a faster and more comprehensive communication process.
help you improve your services and products.

Our solutions

Java and its derivatives products
Parasol-II and MachineWorks
Visual Basic, ADO, DAO
XML, XSLT, SOAP, Biztalk

Our highly trained staff are also capable of integrating any additional platforms. We provide professional custom development services on Windows platforms, as well as many other commercial software products, from business, e-commerce and Web applications, to database systems, network / intranet or standalone applications.

Why outsource

Lower development costs
Specialized talents that are not available within your company
Resources available on demand
Outsourcing allows you remain focused on your core business

Business Applications

Our experience includes object-oriented technology, client server models and traditional legacy systems. We employ Web based systems for enterprise operations and business functions using the e-commerce model of Internet & Intranet. Planet Tools also develops customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), human resources management(HRM), procurement management, training management, travel management systems using back-end databases (Oracle, SQL, Sybase, Informix, DB2, etc.) cross referencing independent and dependent parts of the enterprise with Java, Visual Basic, .net, img/DHTML interfaces using Perl, CGI or ASP. We also create Real-time applications.

Object Oriented Development

Object-oriented analysis (OOA) approach involves the development of software engineering requirements and specifications that expressed as a system's object model (which is composed of a population of interacting objects), as opposed to the traditional data or functional views of systems. OOA can yield the following benefits: maintainability through simplified mapping to the real world, which provides for less analysis effort, less complexity in system design, and easier verification by the user; reusability of the analysis artifacts which saves time and costs; and depending on the analysis method and programming language, productivity gains through direct mapping to features of Object-Oriented Programming Languages.

Our object-oriented (OO) software development methodology includes a full-lifecycle, OO Analysis and Design (OOA/D), project management, business planning, maintenance and product enhancements. We follow a fountain model depicting a highly iterative and recursive software development life cycle which is especially suited to an object-oriented software development. Impacts of reuse and domain analysis/design are included to create a comprehensive, yet flexible, development life cycle model description appropriate for object-oriented development. In product lifecycle business-oriented stages are Business Planning, Build and Delivery. Business Planning and Delivery encompass mainly business decisions and customer involvement, and Build is the more technical part of software development.

Planet Tools Internet Solutions

Planet Tools designs websites that can enhance your business strategy. We have experienced marketing, business, programming and design professionals that are ready to create the right web site for your organization. We begin by learning what you want to accomplish via the internet and show you ways to accomplish those goals. Through this interactive and detailed process we firm up a web strategy, choose the right user interface and graphics and then apply the appropriate hardware/software technology to achieve the web objectives.

Typical Sites

Online brochures
Fully interactive web-sites
E-commerce / Consumer sites with order placements & credit-card capabilities
Business-to-Business sites with search engines & program applications
Web based ERP / Intranet development
Interactive site, Audio-Video streaming, animation development

Web Hosting

Here's what you get:

No setup fee Web based email
50MB disk space 30 POP3 email accounts
500MB transfer/month 5 mailing lists
Web based control panel 1 mySQL database
email tech support Frontpage extensions
FTP Account + many other extras

Web-site Maintenance

Modifications / maintenance of existing E-com / Web applications
Site performance measurements & enhancements
Full cycle maintenance of site
Complete package outsourcing of site
Web & applications hosting through third party
24/7 User & Customer support
Internet / Web / E-commerce applications
Java Scripts, applets, servlets
Enabling existing applications to Web / Internet / Intranet
Web integration with existing applications & DBs
Back-end integration of Oracle, SQL, Access, DB2, Sybase, Informix, etc. to web
Integrating tools and other applications to web
Java related development
Applications development in Java (Sun, IBM, Java Swing, JDK, etc.)
Converting existing applications to Java
Web-site Testing
Site performance testing
Capability / functional testing
Load / simulation testing

Website Placement

High ranking placement in a search engine is important if you require high visibility for customers who search for products like yours. Planet Tools can get your Website placed highly onto most major Internet search engines using time tested software.

e-Commerce solutions

A few types of e-Commerce solutions that we offer:

Complete shopping cart systems
Ability to view previous order history and automatically re-order a previous order
The collection, processing and reporting of any kind of information from your Web site
Ability to view previous order history and automatically re-order a previous order
e-mail list or e-mail newsletter management
A few types of e-Commerce solutions that we offer:
Password protected areas for membership organizations
Database driven, archival content management solutions to allow for easy updating of content without having to know HTML
Web based admin section to easily add/modify/delete products and other configurable options
Add search functions to data on your Web site
Inventory tracking and order processing
Shipping and handling options
Discounts or coupon pricing
Manage a points program to increase customer loyalty
Auction and classified ad capabilities
Affiliate program
Real time inventory tracking
Member login system to allow for specific, special pricing by customer
And much more. Just ask us!